LGU Saguday started planting three varieties of tissue cultured banana plantlets at Saguday Ecopark as part of the MOA signed with the Quirino State University’s Research and Development Center.

The partnership between the LGU and QSU will provide technical support, as well as training and resources for the successful implementation of smart and sustainable projects.

Tissue cultured banana plantlets are preferred over traditional planting methods due to their disease-resistant and high-yielding characteristics. These plantlets also have a significantly shorter growth cycle, allowing for quicker harvests and increased productivity. By adopting this innovative approach, the LGU hopes to create a more efficient and sustainable farming system, while also providing a reliable source of income for the local community.

The project is just the beginning of a larger effort to transform Saguday into a more environmentally conscious and sustainable community. By embracing smart and sustainable practices, Saguday is taking a positive step towards a better future for all.